Ark Survival Evolved (2017) Game Icons Banners

In the vast, primordial world of ARK: Survival Evolved, survival isn’t just about taming dinosaurs and crafting weapons. It’s also about carving out your identity and marking your territory. That’s where game icons and banners come in, adding depth and personality to your prehistoric journey. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of ARK’s visual elements and how they enhance the gaming experience.

Understanding ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved burst onto the gaming scene in 2017, quickly becoming a phenomenon in the survival genre. Set in a world where dinosaurs roam alongside futuristic technology, ARK challenges players to survive, thrive, and uncover the mysteries of their surroundings.

Game Background and ARK: Survival Evolved (2017) Game Icons Banners

ARK’s premise is simple yet captivating: you’re stranded on a mysterious island teeming with prehistoric creatures and other survivors. Your goal? Stay alive long enough to unravel the island’s secrets. But it’s the game’s intricate systems and stunning visuals that truly set it apart.

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The game icons and banners play a crucial role in this world. They’re not just pretty pictures; they’re vital tools for navigation, communication, and personalization. From the moment you craft your first item to establishing a sprawling base, icons and banners are your constant companions.

Key Features and Gameplay Mechanics

ARK’s gameplay is a rich tapestry of survival elements:

  • Resource gathering: Collect wood, stone, and more exotic materials
  • Crafting: Create tools, weapons, and structures
  • Taming: Befriend (or subdue) a variety of prehistoric creatures
  • Base building: Construct and fortify your home base
  • Exploration: Uncover the island’s secrets and hidden technologies
  • PvP and PvE: Engage in combat with other players or team up against the environment

Throughout these activities, icons serve as visual shorthand, quickly conveying information about items, creatures, and game states. Banners, on the other hand, allow players to mark territory and express themselves.

Popularity and Player Base

Since its release, ARK has maintained a dedicated player base. Here’s a quick look at its popularity:

PlatformAverage Monthly Players (2023)Steam50,000+Xbox30,000+PS425,000+Switch10,000+

These numbers fluctuate with updates and events, but they demonstrate ARK’s enduring appeal. The game’s visual elements, including its iconic dinosaurs and distinctive UI, have played no small part in this success.

The Significance of Icons in ARK: Survival Evolved

Icons in ARK aren’t just decorative; they’re functional elements that streamline the player experience. Let’s explore their role in more detail.

Types of Icons in the Game

ARK features a wide variety of icons, each serving a specific purpose:

  1. Item icons: Represent crafted items, resources, and equipment
  2. Creature icons: Depict different dinosaurs and other tameable animals
  3. Status icons: Show player conditions like hunger, thirst, and temperature
  4. Skill icons: Represent learnable abilities and crafting recipes
  5. Map icons: Mark locations, resources, and points of interest
  6. Tribe icons: Symbolize different player groups or alliances

How Icons Enhance Gameplay

Icons in ARK serve several crucial functions:

  • Quick identification: Players can quickly recognize items and creatures at a glance
  • Inventory management: Icons make sorting and organizing items more intuitive
  • Information conveyance: Status icons provide vital information without cluttering the screen
  • Navigation aid: Map icons help players explore and remember important locations
  • Community building: Tribe icons foster a sense of belonging and team identity

Examples of Essential Icons

Let’s look at some of the most important icons you’ll encounter in ARK:

  • Engram icon: A lightbulb symbol representing learnable crafting recipes
  • Dino footprint: Indicates trackable creatures or recent dinosaur activity
  • Crossed swords: Represent combat or PvP zones
  • Campfire: Shows cooking or crafting stations
  • Green leaf: Indicates harvestable plants or crops
  • Pickaxe: Represents minable resources

“Icons in ARK are like a universal language. They break down barriers and help players from all over the world communicate and understand the game’s complex systems.” – ARK Community Manager

Design Elements of Game Icons

The effectiveness of ARK’s icons lies in their thoughtful design. Let’s break down what makes them work so well.

Visual Aesthetics

ARK’s icons strike a balance between realism and stylization. They’re detailed enough to be recognizable but simple enough to be clear at small sizes. Key design elements include:

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  • Bold outlines: Ensure visibility against various backgrounds
  • Distinctive silhouettes: Make icons easily identifiable even when scaled down
  • Consistent perspective: Most icons are viewed from a 3/4 angle, creating a cohesive look

Color Schemes and Symbolism

Color plays a crucial role in ARK’s icon design:

  • Green: Often used for herbivores and plant-related items
  • Red: Typically indicates carnivores or dangerous items
  • Blue: Associated with water-based creatures or resources
  • Yellow/Gold: Often used for rare or valuable items
  • Gray: Common for stone-based items or basic tools

These color choices aren’t arbitrary; they tap into players’ intuitive associations, making the game world more navigable.

Consistency and Recognition

Consistency is key in ARK’s icon design. Similar items or creatures often share design elements, creating a visual language that players can learn and internalize. For example:

  • All meat items have a similar shape, with color variations indicating the type
  • Tool icons share a common handle design, with the head changing based on function
  • Dinosaur icons of the same family (like theropods) share similar silhouettes

This consistency helps players quickly parse information, even when encountering new items or creatures.

The Role of Banners in ARK: Survival Evolved

While icons help players navigate the game’s systems, banners allow them to leave their mark on the world. Let’s explore how banners function in ARK.

Types of Banners and Their Uses

ARK features several types of banners:

  1. Tribe banners: Represent player groups and mark territory
  2. Alliance banners: Show cooperation between different tribes
  3. Event banners: Used during special game events or competitions
  4. Decorative banners: Purely for aesthetics and personalization

Banners serve multiple purposes:

  • Territory marking: Clearly define the boundaries of a tribe’s land
  • Communication: Convey messages or warnings to other players
  • Decoration: Add personality to bases and structures
  • Identification: Help players recognize friendly or hostile areas

Crafting and Customization Options

Creating banners in ARK is a craft in itself. Players can:

  • Choose from various shapes and sizes
  • Select background colors and patterns
  • Add custom symbols or images
  • Incorporate text messages

The process typically involves:

  1. Gathering resources (cloth, dye, wood for poles)
  2. Crafting a banner at a specific station
  3. Using the customization interface to design the banner
  4. Placing the banner in the world

Strategic Importance of Banners

Banners aren’t just for show; they play a strategic role in ARK’s gameplay:

  • Claiming territory: Placing banners can prevent enemy building in an area
  • Intimidation: Impressive banner displays can deter potential attackers
  • Rally points: Banners can serve as meeting spots for tribe members
  • Resource marking: Players often use banners to mark good farming spots

“A well-placed banner can say more than a thousand words. It’s not just about looking cool; it’s about sending a message.” – Veteran ARK player

Creating Custom Icons and Banners

For many ARK players, customization is half the fun. Let’s look at how you can create your unique icons and banners.

Tools and Resources for Design

To create custom icons and banners, you’ll need:

  • Image editing software: Photoshop, GIMP, or even online tools like Canva
  • ARK’s icon templates: Available on the official modding forums
  • Color picker: To match ARK’s existing color schemes
  • Vector graphics software: For creating scalable designs

Step-by-Step Guide to Customization

Here’s a basic process for creating custom icons:

  1. Start with a template: Use ARK’s official templates as a base
  2. Sketch your design: Plan out the icon’s basic shape and elements
  3. Create the base shape: Use bold lines to define the icon’s silhouette
  4. Add details: Layer in smaller elements to flesh out the design
  5. Apply color: Use ARK’s color scheme for consistency
  6. Test at multiple sizes: Ensure your icon is recognizable when scaled down
  7. Export: Save in the correct format (usually PNG) for use in the game

For banners, the process is similar but with more freedom:

  1. Choose a banner shape: Start with one of ARK’s existing banner templates
  2. Design your background: Select colors and patterns
  3. Add your main symbol: This could be a tribe logo or other meaningful image
  4. Incorporate text: If desired, add a slogan or tribe name
  5. Refine and test: Make sure your banner looks good from various distances in-game

Tips for Effective Design

When creating custom icons and banners, keep these tips in mind:

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  • Simplicity is key: Overcomplicating designs can make them hard to read
  • Consider the context: Think about where and how your icon or banner will be seen
  • Stay on brand: Try to match ARK’s overall aesthetic for a more integrated look
  • Use contrast: Ensure your design stands out against various backgrounds
  • Think symbolically: Use shapes and colors that convey meaning at a glance
  • Iterate: Don’t be afraid to revise and improve your designs over time

Impact of Icons and Banners on Player Experience

Impact of Icons and Banners on Player Experience

The visual elements of ARK do more than just look pretty; they fundamentally shape how players interact with the game and each other.

Enhancing Immersion and Engagement

Well-designed icons and banners contribute to ARK’s immersive qualities:

  • Visual storytelling: Icons and banners can hint at the history and nature of different areas
  • World-building: Custom designs make the game world feel more lived-in and diverse
  • Personal investment: Creating and displaying custom designs increases player attachment to the game

Facilitating Communication and Coordination

In a game as complex as ARK, clear communication is crucial:

  • Quick information: Icons allow players to convey information rapidly, which is essential in high-stress situations
  • Non-verbal communication: Banners can signal intentions or warnings without the need for text chat
  • Team cohesion: Shared icons and banners foster a sense of unity among tribe members

Boosting Player Creativity and Expression

ARK’s customization options serve as a canvas for player creativity:

  • Personal branding: Players can develop unique visual identities
  • Storytelling: Custom designs often incorporate elements of player-created lore
  • Community challenges: Some servers host banner design contests, encouraging artistic expression

Community Contributions and Modding

The ARK community has embraced the game’s customization options, taking them to new heights through modding.

Popular Mods Featuring Icons and Banners

Several mods have expanded ARK’s visual customization options:

  1. Advanced Banner Mod: Adds hundreds of new banner designs and customization options
  2. Custom Icon Pack: Allows players to replace default icons with community-created alternatives
  3. Tribe Logo Projector: Projects tribe banners as holograms for impressive displays

How to Install and Use Mods

To use these mods, follow these general steps:

  1. Subscribe to the mod on the Steam Workshop
  2. Enable the mod in ARK’s main menu
  3. Launch the game and enjoy the new features

Always check mod compatibility and server rules before installing.

Celebrating Player Creativity

The ARK community regularly showcases impressive custom designs:

  • Community galleries: Websites and forums where players share their creations
  • Design competitions: Official and unofficial contests for the best icons and banners
  • Featured creations: Some player designs have been incorporated into official game updates

“The creativity of our players never ceases to amaze me. Every time I think I’ve seen it all, someone comes up with a banner design that blows me away.” – ARK Developer

Marketing and Branding with Icons and Banners

ARK’s visual elements extend beyond the game, playing a crucial role in its marketing and community-building efforts.

Promoting Events and Campaigns

Studio Wildcard, ARK’s developer, often uses iconic imagery in its promotional materials:

  • Seasonal events: Unique icons and banners for holiday-themed in-game events
  • Expansion pack teasers: New icon styles hint at upcoming content
  • Community challenges: Special icons awarded for participating in official events

Building a Community Identity

The ARK community has coalesced around certain visual elements:

  • Unofficial mascots: Certain dinosaur icons have become beloved community symbols
  • Memes and inside jokes: Some icons have taken on humorous meanings within the community
  • Tribal alliances: Large player groups often create shared banner designs

Leveraging Social Media and Content Creation

ARK’s distinctive visuals make it highly shareable on social media:

  • Screenshot contests: Players share their best banner displays and base designs
  • Tutorial content: YouTubers use ARK’s icons to create easy-to-follow crafting guides
  • Merchandise: Official and fan-made products often feature ARK’s iconic designs

Future Trends in Game Icons and Banners

As ARK continues to evolve, so too do its visual elements. Let’s look at what the future might hold.

Innovations in Design Technology

Emerging technologies could revolutionize how we interact with game icons and banners:

  • AR integration: Imagine viewing ARK’s world through your phone, with icons overlaying real-world objects
  • AI-generated designs: Machine learning could create infinite variations of icons and banners
  • 3D icons: As processing power increases, we might see fully 3D, rotatable icons in inventory screens

Predictions for Upcoming Features

Based on community feedback and industry trends, we might see:

  • Animated icons: Bringing more life to inventory screens
  • Interactive banners: Clicking on a banner could display additional information
  • Sound-enabled icons: Adding audio cues to enhance visual information

How ARK Continues to Evolve

ARK: Survival Evolved isn’t standing still. The game continues to grow and change:

  • Regular updates: New creatures and items mean new icons to design
  • Community feedback: Developers actively incorporate player suggestions for UI improvements
  • Cross-media expansion: With an animated series in development, we might see new iconic designs that bridge game and show


What is the too-hot symbol in ARK?

The game uses a heat indicator that changes color to show your character’s temperature status. It begins as white and gradually turns redder as your character experiences prolonged exposure to high temperatures, potentially leading to heat stroke.

What features will Ark 2 have?

The sequel is expected to emphasize basic weaponry and incorporate more advanced third-person gameplay mechanics. Players can look forward to new movement options like sliding, swinging, free-climbing, and parkour-style traversal.

How many animals are in ARK Mobile?

ARK Mobile boasts an impressive array of creatures. While the exact number may vary, players can encounter hundreds of different species and their variants across the game’s various environments. The diversity of tameable and wild creatures contributes significantly to the game’s rich ecosystem.

Who is developing Ark 2?

Studio Wildcard is spearheading the development of Ark 2. They’ve chosen to build the game using Unreal Engine 5, which represents a new technological frontier for the studio. The team aims to harness the full capabilities of this cutting-edge engine to create the most immersive and visually stunning Ark experience yet.


As we’ve seen, the icons and banners of ARK: Survival Evolved are far more than mere window dressing. They’re an integral part of the game’s DNA, enhancing gameplay, fostering community, and allowing players to leave their mark on a prehistoric world. Understanding these visual elements can deepen your appreciation of this unique gaming experience, whether you’re a seasoned ARK veteran or a curious newcomer.

So the next time you log in to ARK, take a moment to appreciate the thought and creativity behind every icon you click and every banner you pass. In this world of dinosaurs and survival, these small visuals tell a big story.

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