What Is October 1st For Relationships?

October 1st has emerged as an unusual day for romantic couples to celebrate their love on social media. Over the past year, the trend of acknowledging or reflecting on relationships specifically on this date has grown tremendously.

Most of the videos under the ‘October 1st’ are single people just wishing that they’ll be in a relationship so they can be posted by someone in time for October 1st. “Oh to get posted to this on October 1st,” reads the caption on one viral video with over 1 million views.

The Rise Of The October 1st Trend

The October 1st trend seems to have started spreading widely on TikTok in late 2021. Videos with hashtags like October 1st and captions acknowledging a partner or relationship on this date began going viral, accumulating millions of views.

It wasn’t entirely clear why users had chosen October 1st rather than Valentine’s Day or anniversaries to publicly flaunt their relationships. Some speculated it was a playful alternative to more traditional relationship hallmarks.

While others saw it as a joking reference to how relationships on social media are sometimes performatively displayed.

By 2022, countless couples and singles on TikTok were participating in the October 1st trend too. Videos showcasing loving gestures, sweet messages or photos with a partner proliferated, often set to the song We Fell in Love in October by indie pop artist girl in red which we’ll analyze later.

Statistics showed hashtag views growing exponentially month-over-month. October 1st was clearly blossoming into a major informal relationship celebration day embraced by the Gen Z audience that dominates TikTok.

The tradition spread beyond the platform as well, with couples sharing #October1st posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter too seeking likes and comments.

Celebrating Love On Social Media

So whether it’s for laughs or actual affection, why did so many young internet users decide to publicly commemorate their relationships on October 1st?

For many, it’s become just another opportunity to show off romance and seek validation via gratifying numbers of likes and shares online.

Social media has turned personal relationships into a performance for observers as much as a bond between individuals.

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The temporary acknowledgement of a partner through trend chasing hashtags like October 1st could thus be seen as another tactic to bolster one’s social status more than strengthen actual closeness.

Some critics argue it promotes superficial connections over authentic intimacy. However, proponents say it’s an innocent display of joy that brings people together and highlights the prevalence of love in the world.

Whether trivial or meaningful, trending relationship shows on October 1st are now a mainstream online phenomenon with staying power.

Their growing cultural impact merits deeper contemplation around the interplay between private emotions and virtual performance in the social media age.

Beyond The Likes: Is There Meaning Behind The Trend?

While social approval may motivate some to engage with relationship centered trends like #October1st, for many participants the meaning runs deeper.

Taking to TikTok under this hashtag allows people to feel part of a positive community, however loosely defined, that celebrates the love and commitment in their lives.

Particularly following the isolation of the pandemic, such displays fulfill an inherent human need to socially bond over shared emotional experiences.

Even if performances are fleeting, expressing devotion publicly can strengthen intimacy within a partnership offline. It may also help normalize non-traditional relationships and showcase the diversity of modern romance.

For couples who began dating in autumn or had some early romantic milestone in October, the date also carries genuine personal significance far beyond chasing fleeting virality.

Their posts shed light on the very real magic and memories associated with this time of year.

Rather than criticize superficiality, it’s worth acknowledging how trending hashtags fulfill complex social psychological needs.

Both for those seeking validation and people invested in feeling kinship. There are deeper undercurrents to why  October 1st stories resonate widely, even if superficial aspects do persist. Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in between.

What Does October 1st Mean On Tiktok?

To better understand how the tradition has evolved specifically on TikTok, it helps to examine some of the platform’s unique features and the context around certain viral hits.

TikTok allows user generated catchphrases and melodies to spread contagiously when incorporated into popular video formats and challenges.

In January 2022, the we fell in love in October audio from girl in red’s song began proliferating in relationship montage videos timed to the lyrics on TikTok.

This helped cement October 1st as the go to date for public displays of romance within the app’s culture.

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The wistful tune taps into universal nostalgia for autumn memories as temperatures cool, evoking comforting associations.

Hashtags like October 1st soon followed as others sought to engage with the trend and find/share their own stories.

With TikTok’s community and algorithm promoting connectedness, it’s unsurprising similar traditions have risen and spread lightning quick on the platform.

However brief their shelf lives, these cultural phenomena reveal nuanced aspects of human psychology and relationship dynamics worth decoding.

What Happens on October 1st?

Now when October 1st arrives each year, devoted TikTok users awake ready to scroll through an endless October 1st feed.

Couples young and old alike post smiling photos clasping hands, reminiscing over their first autumn dates or commemorating anniversaries with scattered leaves.

Some craft short films paying tribute to their partners with 1st as the soundtrack. Family photos show littles ones, babies and pets all bundled up, emphasizing warmth.

Single users partake too, either celebrating past loves once blossomed in October or optimistically putting themselves out there to possibly find new fall feelings.

Comments overflow with appreciation for the cute posts as well as discussion about favorite fall activities like pumpkin picking, bonfires or cozy nights in.

For a day, the carefree and loving spirit epitomized by the song and season is contagious even to those just happily enjoying the ride.

Alternative Ways To Celebrate Your Relationship Any Day Of The Year

While October 1st has certainly gained widespread popularity as an online date for couples, there’s no need to limit showing appreciation for a significant other to just one occasion throughout the year.

In fact, regularly expressing gratitude and affection is even more meaningful than intermittent gestures tied to trends or holidays.

Small acts of kindness whenever possible can strengthen relational bonds far beyond what social media acknowledges. Here are some alternative ideas for celebrating a partnership everyday.

  • Handwritten Notes: Leave heartfelt messages expressing what you love about your partner tucked into lunchboxes, cars or nightstands.
  • Compliments: Look for opportunities daily to uplift your love with sincere compliments about both inner and outer qualities.
  • Acts of Service: Do small chores without being asked as a thoughtful surprise, like taking care of dishes one night.
  • Quality Time: Make a point to focus fully on each other with undivided attention during at least one meal or activity together daily.
  • Gratitude: Express appreciation both for momentous occasions and simple shared experiences in little ways consistently.
  • Physical Touch: Non sexually show care through hugs, holding hands, gentle touches or brief meaningful looks across a room.
  • Small Gifts: Surprise with little treats tied to favorite things, from chocolate to hand picked wildflowers just because.

Expressing care should come naturally through daily interactions, not performative shows. Consistent small gestures speak loudest of commitment outside of viral hashtags or commercialized moments. Making each day an opportunity to strengthen love is most meaningful.

We Fell In Love In October By Girl In Red

We Fell In Love In October By Girl In Red

The song catapulting October 1st relationships to TikTok fame is We Fell in Love in October by Norwegian indie pop singer girl in red, born Marie Ulven.

Released in November 2021 as part of her debut album if i could make it go quiet, the heartstring tugging guitar ballad perfectly encapsulates nostalgia for first love found in autumn’s warm colors and cooler breezes.

This Isn’t Girl In Red’s First Tiktok Rodeo

While new to mainstream audiences, girl in red has long attracted a devoted following on platforms like TikTok, where fans have embraced her vulnerable depictions of queerness and young love for years.

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Videos soundtracked to earlier songs like i wanna be your girlfriend helped elevate her profile, positioning her well for a viral hit when October was discovered.

The achingly beautiful lyrics perfectly lent themselves to relationship montages as couples harmonized the wistful lyrics over photo memories, helping spread sheer delight in falling for that someone in October.

The raw emotion paired with TikTok’s community format struck a universal chord, pulling lovesick listeners deeper into fall feelings all over again.

October 1 Is The Latest Day Trending On Tiktok Thanks To A Specific Song

Through the infectious alchemy between artist, audience and platform, girl in red unintentionally sparked one of TikTok’s most romantic phenomena with just two minutes of heart on sleeve songwriting.

The track’s ability to effortlessly transport millions back to fond early coupledom ensured October 1st would become way more than just another date on the calendar.

As with previous trendy TikTok songs, the community spread We Fell in Love in October like wildfire by synchronizing it to relatable relationship storytelling.

The rest is history. A new tradition was born, bringing flickers of rekindled first loves to even the loneliest of scrolls each October 1st.


Why do people post their girlfriend on October 1st?

October 1st has become a day for couples to post about their relationships on social media, especially TikTok. The trend started from the popularity of the song We Fell In Love In October being used in romantic videos on the platform.

What is October 1st boyfriend?

October 1st boyfriend refers to acknowledging or posting about your boyfriend on social media on October 1st. It’s become a trend for couples to celebrate their romantic relationship on this date online.

What is the meaning of 1st October day?

October 1st initially started gaining meaning as a day for relationships online thanks to the viral song mentioned above. But more broadly, it can symbolize commemorating fall loves and affections associated with the cozy nostalgia of the autumn season and cooler weather.

Is October 3 a girlfriend day?

National Boyfriend Day is celebrated on October 3 every year . Many also choose to celebrate National Girlfriend Day which is on August 1 annually.


Whether a lighthearted online phenomenon or meaningful celebration, the tradition of marking relationships on October 1st has undoubtedly taken social media by storm. What started as quirky TikTok videos set to a catchy indie love song has evolved into a full blown trend with staying power.

Through this unlikely phenomenon, we see how genuine human connection and the universal experience of falling head over heels in love can spread globally in an instant through online communities.

More broadly, October 1st underscores social media’s ability for fleeting trends to take on deeper cultural resonance. While critiques of superficiality persist, it’s also tapped into people’s inherent needs for bonding over shared joy.

As new ways of commemorating intimacy and bonding develop online, there will always be room for both surface engagement and tapping into the most profound human emotions.

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