What Is October 1st For Relationships?

October 1st has emerged as an unusual day for romantic couples to celebrate their love on social media. Over the past year, the trend of acknowledging or reflecting on relationships specifically on this date has grown tremendously. Most of the videos under the ‘October 1st’ are single people just wishing that they’ll be in a relationship so they can be posted by someone in time for October 1st. “Oh to get posted to this on October 1st,” reads the caption on one viral video with over 1 million views.

The Rise Of The October 1st Trend

We Fell In Love In October By Girl In Red

The song catapulting October 1st relationships to TikTok fame is We Fell in Love in October by Norwegian indie pop singer girl in red, born Marie Ulven. Released in November 2021 as part of her debut album if i could make it go quiet, the heartstring tugging guitar ballad perfectly encapsulates nostalgia for first love found in autumn’s warm colors and cooler breezes.

This Isn’t Girl In Red’s First Tiktok Rodeo