Jordan Peterson Personality Test

A personality test is fun and insightful. It asks short questions about how you see yourself. Within moments you’ll get a profile exploring your unique traits. See your top talents and how you relate to others. Results are simple to understand and perfect for game nights with friends.

Tired of vague personality quizzes. Dr. Peterson created an in-depth test just for you. Find out your type according to his renowned framework. Get insights into your strengths, weaknesses and how to improve. All with Peterson’s trademark wisdom and candor. Just moments to better understand yourself through the eyes of this famous psychologist.

Ever wondered what Dr. Peterson would say about you. His test uses his 12 personality types to reveal your unique strengths. Within minutes, you’ll get your type and ways to apply it. See how you compare to Peterson’s clients and fans. Find practical tips to maximize your talents right away. Share results for deep chats with your friends.

Unveiling Your Personality: Taking the Test

Are you ready to learn more about yourself and how you view the world? Our personality test will give you valuable insight in just a few minutes. You’ll answer simple questions about your preferences, attitudes, and beliefs. No psych jargon here just straightforward self-reflection. From your responses, the test identifies your unique profile.

You’ll then receive a detailed analysis of your traits. What energizes you and what drains you. How do you make decisions and approach challenges? See where you shine and how your strengths complement others. Guidance helps apply results to goals like careers, relationships and happiness. Take our test now to gain a deeper understanding of yourself in a short, fun time. Your most authentic self awaits, let’s get started.

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Why Should You Want To Do This Test?

This fun test gives valuable insight into your unique personality. In just 10 minutes you’ll get a custom profile revealing your traits, strengths and how you approach life. Don’t you want to learn more about yourself and what makes you tick. Self knowledge helps you connect better with others, reduces stress and boosts happiness.

Taking the test is a great first step to owning your power, potential and purpose. The results empower you to maximize your talents while managing weaker areas. Whether you want to improve relationships, advance your career or set meaningful goals understanding your personality gives an edge. You’ll also gain deeper conversations from sharing results with friends and family. Don’t miss this chance to illuminate your authentic self just get started now for useful answers.

What if you take the test and there is something in your behavior that you are unhappy with?

What are you unhappy about

What if the test reveals an aspect of your personality you’re not fond of. Remember self awareness is the first step to growth. Don’t worry, you’re not stuck that way. The detailed report also provides actionable tips customized to your profile. Implementing small, consistent changes can make a difference over time.

Suppose impatience bothers you for example. Now you understand it’s a tendency, not a permanent failing. With practice things shift. The test inspires, not casts down. You’ll gain compassion for your whole self too. We’re all works in progress. This journey is yours to shape. Reflect on strengths as well as areas that need care. I hope you’ve got this and don’t travel alone. We’re all in it together.

You Wouldn’t Believe How Easy It Was To Do The Online Personality Assessment

I was amazed at how simple yet insightful this personality test turned out to be. I expected a long, tedious set of questions but it only took me 10 minutes to complete. All I had to do was read brief statements and select whether I agreed or not no psych degree needed! The analysis generated was so detailed too, going way beyond just introvert vs extrovert.

Within moments of finishing, I had a customized profile revealing my personality type, strengths and weaknesses. It even gave me customized tips for areas of improvement. Talk about value for such a small investment of time. I’ll surely be sharing my results with friends who are also curious about themselves but don’t want the hassle of a long exam. Don’t just take my word for it see how illuminating easy personality assessment can be.

Once You’ve Completed The Test You Instantly Have Access To Your Report And It’s Big

I was blown away by the depth of my personality report after taking the test. Within seconds of answering the last question, I could access my full results. This wasn’t some one page profile, it was jam-packed with insights. As well as detailing my unique personality type, it analyzed my traits, preferences, motivations, and communication styles. There were pointers for relationships and careers too.

It feels like they peered right into my mind. I’ve never seen a free test provide such a massive report before. Most of the time you only get a blurb. With this, I learned more about myself than I could have imagined. No wonder so many people share their findings with friends and family it makes for fascinating discussion. I honestly still keep re-reading the different sections weeks later. If you want to gain a thorough understanding of your personality, this assessment is the way to go.

How I Felt About My Results

About My Results

I have to admit, I was shocked by some parts of my results. Certain traits I displayed came as a big surprise. I had no idea that’s how others saw me. But it all started making sense the more I read. I realized why I tend to gravitate towards certain people and activities over others. It shed light on things about myself I’d never fully understood before. I also loved that it provided tailored suggestions.

At the same time, the test confirmed positive qualities about me that I’m proud of. Reading how I can maximize my strengths was inspiring. Overall it gave me a new appreciation for my unique talents and perspectives. I feel motivated to keep strengthening myself based on what shone through from the assessment. It was definitely an eye-opening experience getting insights straight from an in-depth analysis of my behaviors and preferences.

The Methodology

A robust methodology is crucial for any quality assessment. Ours was developed meticulously over several years using empirical research and subject matter experts.

We combined social and personality psychology with comprehensive data analysis to construct a nuanced framework. Through extensive pilot testing and validation studies, we refined our models to have strong predictive power. A variety of qualitative and quantitative methods were employed, from statistical modeling to interviews and surveys. Key priorities included establishing reliability and validity while creating a user-friendly experience.

The result is a systematic yet accessible approach incorporating both subjective self-reports and objective evaluation. Participants provide information which is then organized and translated according to our rigorous scientific methodology. This methodology allows robust personalized insights to emerge from straightforward user input.

Mapping the Big Five Personality Traits

The Big Five personality traits offer a well-established framework for understanding human nature. Our assessment precisely locates individuals within this model’s five dimensions: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. Through thoughtful questions, we gain a detailed map of where someone stands on continua like

their preference for new experiences versus routine, their tendency toward order or spontaneity, energy level in social settings, empathy in relationships, and degree of emotional stability. Answers generate a unique signature across the five traits.

This nuanced profile provides profound self-knowledge about normal variations in things like curiosity, achievement-striving, assertiveness, compassion, and volatility between individuals. With insight into their configuration of Big Five traits, users grasp the contours of their personality in a validated, easy-to-understand way.

The Self-Authoring Suite

The Self-Authoring Suite

The Self-Authoring Suite developed by Dr. Jordan Peterson has helped hundreds of thousands gain clarity and direction in their lives. At its heart are three transformative writing exercises.

In the Present module, users confront their weaknesses by focusing on individual virtues and values. The Past analyzes life events and their contribution to one’s character. And Future visualizes aspirations and goals in concrete, achievable steps.

Each independent exercise can yield life-changing insights. But together their impact multiplies exponentially. By reflecting deeply on where they’ve been, where they are now, and where they’re going, participants reach a level of self-understanding few thought possible. They emerge better equipped to handle challenges and motivated to build the life they envision. Both empowering and instructive, the Self-Authoring Suite provides an unparalleled system for personal change and growth.

Decoding the Dimensions

Personality assessment maps our traits across multiple dimensions, but what do these dimensions truly represent? Our test decodes the meanings behind the numbers to provide profound self-insight.

For example, one’s extraversion score indicates not just how outgoing they are, but how they derive energy and process information. Low scorers are more inwardly focused, while high scorers thrive off social interaction and process data externally. Dimension results are translated into concrete, identifiable characteristics like risk-taking levels, organization, empathy, and impulsivity.

Armed with this relational understanding, users grasp the intricacies and implications of their profile in a hugely meaningful way. No longer are traits abstract; instead, they illuminate specific tendencies, motives and styles that ring true based on self-reflection. This comprehensive dimensional decoding leaves test-takers with vivid clarity about their authentic selves and precisely how to maximize their unique strengths.

The Insights You Gain

Taking our assessment provides remarkable self-knowledge. Beyond personality traits, you gain a holistic picture including key insights into your values, strengths, weaknesses, communication preferences and relationship tendencies.

We analyze your profile across these important dimensions to draw out nuggets of wisdom buried in your responses. You’ll better understand what fulfills and motivates you, how to leverage talents, areas needing improvement, and how you connect with others on a deeper level. Practical tips then show precisely how to optimize yourself based on these learnings.

The profound awareness earned doesn’t stop there. You’ll also glean insight into your decision-making processes, life priorities and perspectives on important issues. All of these perspectives merge to form a complete and empowering self-portrait you can use to make powerful changes. Our report leaves no stone unturned to unlock your greatest potential.

The Future of Personality Assessment

The Future of Personality Assessment

Personality testing is advancing quickly to illuminate ourselves even better. Current tools only give a mild sense of who you are. Imagine deeply knowing your mind through high-tech assessments. The future brings more accurate portraits detailing hidden strengths, passions, and which jobs greatly satisfy you.

Advanced artificial intelligence may soon deeply analyze text messages, social behaviors, and speech patterns to recognize micro-expressions of personality. Pairing this big data of daily living with genetic screenings could generate extremely personalized profiles.

Through virtual or augmented reality, interactive testing puts you literally inside scenarios to observe how you conduct yourself. This window into your true character will boost quality of life like nothing before. Exciting times are ahead for profoundly understanding who you really are.


What are Jordan Peterson’s Big 5 personality traits?

He’s described himself as high conscientiousness, high agreeableness, moderate-to-high extraversion, moderately low neuroticism, and moderately high openness

What does my Big 5 personality test say about me?

Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. Your results will indicate where you fall on each of these continua.

What are the 5 dimensions of the temperament test?

Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. These assess traits like curiosity, organization, assertiveness, empathy, and emotional stability.

What are the 4 personality temperaments?

The 4 main personality temperaments discussed historically are sanguine, choleric, melancholic, and phlegmatic. These are based on Greek and medieval theories of the four humors or bodily fluids.

What is a sanguine personality?

A sanguine personality refers to someone who is perceived as optimistic, sociable, fun-loving and enthusiastic. Sanguine people are typically outgoing, spontaneous and very engaged with their external environment and social world.


Personality tests can provide profound insight into our complex inner lives. By answering straightforward questions, patterns emerge that speak to our nature’s very core. Assessment results often reveal aspects of ourselves we are blind to see directly. They draw our strengths, weaknesses, tendencies and preferences out of the shadowy unknown and into the light of comprehension.

With awareness comes power. When we understand our authentic selves at deeper levels, we gain control over our destiny. No longer buffeted by forces beyond our view, we instead steer a surer course. Knowing our likes, wiring and predispositions enables stress reduction, optimized choice-making, and stronger relationships. It cultivates appreciation for both our miracles and imperfections

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