What Is My Fashion Style?

Fashion and personal style can seem daunting to define, but understanding your tastes and what makes you feel confident is achievable in simple steps.

This blog will walk through how to determine your unique fashion personality and develop a cohesive look that is true to you. By the end, you’ll be well on your way to curating an effortless wardrobe and affirming your signature style.

How to Define Your Personal Style in 8 Steps

What is Personal Style?

Personal style refers to the clothes, colors, silhouettes, fabrics and details that best reflect your individuality, values and lifestyle. It’s a visual expression of who you are through the fashion choices you make each day.

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Personal style evolves over time as your tastes, circumstances and confidence levels change. But at its core, it’s about wearing what makes you feel most like YOU.

Personal Style Quiz

Before diving into defining your style further, take a moment to consider these questions:

  • What words would your friends use to describe your personality? Bubbly, Edgy, Classic,
  • Which celebrities or influencers consistently wow you with their red carpet style?
  • When getting dressed, do you gravitate toward comfort or daring silhouettes?
  • What colors make you feel confident and lifted? Which drains your energy?
  • Do you imagine your closet as cozy and laidback or polished and put together?
  • When shopping, are you drawn to unique vintage finds or trend forward fast fashion?

Your answers provide clues to your inherent fashion proclivities. Notice any patterns that emerge between your personality and aesthetic preferences. This self awareness helps validate your true tastes.

Steps To Develop Your Personal Style

With a better sense of your style archetype, you’re ready to define it through a process of self exploration and curation. The following eight steps will help crystallize your signature look.

1. Find Your Style Inspiration

Browse fashion magazines, blogs, Instagram hashtags and celebrity street style for outfit combos that inspire joy and capture your essence.

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Take note of recurring silhouettes, colors and design elements across multiple mood boards. These gems reflect your innate style sensibilities.

2. Defining Your Style Further

Circle back to your style quiz answers and top inspirations. Look for common threads between your personality, vibe and admired aesthetics across sources.

Now describe your personal style in 1-3 adjectives, like “retro bohemian” or ” heritage chic.” Add a short paragraph bringing that essence to life. This self-definition provides purpose and intention moving forward.

3. Check Your Closet

Do a thorough clean out. This removes clutter so you can see your existing basics and favorites clearly. Then hold each piece up to your new stylistic lens.

Ask “Does this item reflect who I am and want to be?” Only keep classics gelling with your defined style. Consign or donate the rest to make room for considered upgrades aligned with your signature look.

4. Put It Into Practice

With a sleeker, curated closet behind you, it’s time for the fun part consciously putting outfits together according to your self defined essence.

Experiment with different combinations, silhouettes and accessorizing until several go to looks emerge that you truly love. Screenshot or catalogue each winning ensemble for future styling reference.

5. Snap The Winners

Share your favorite 3-5 outfit photos across social media using hashtags relevant to your personal style description (i.e. heritage chic or retro bohemian).

Ask friends to weigh in on which looks suit your unique vibe best. Incorporate constructive feedback to refine how your style translates visually. Likes and comments provide validation that you’re on the right track.

6. Find A Signature Piece

Outfits require anchoring staples. Scan your closet again with an eye for statement pieces reflecting your signature aesthetic in vibrant color, standout material or embellishment.

Examples may include a bold printed skirt, ruched moto jacket or colorful silk scarf. Learn different ways to style this hero item through Insta so it becomes your reliable “go-to” for elevating any ensemble.

7. Put Your Best Assets Forward

We all have parts of our bodies we naturally highlight or conceal. Play up body types, features and proportions in your defined, signature style through color blocking, silhouettes and strategic layering. For example,

emphasize toned arms in off the shoulder or three quarter designs if you enjoy showing skin. Accentuate curves with defined waistlines if that flatters your figure best. The goal isn’t masking perceived flaws but accentuating your favorite you.

8. Don’t Forget The Details

Accessories make the outfit, bringing personality polish. Scout statement jewelry, handbags, shoes, hats and other accessories that complement both your signature look and personal features or style quirks.

Make these multifunctional trend pieces you can remix and match back with existing wardrobe staples.

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Pay just as close attention to grooming details like hairstyles, makeup, manicures and your fragrance or scent signature too. The complete ensemble should shine forth on your true self.

Where Are You On Your Style Journey?

Where Are You On Your Style Journey

By now, you likely have a better sense of your intrinsic fashion personality through self exploration of your inspirations, existing looks and a defined style archetype and mood board.

The next step is maintaining your newfound sense of personal style through intentional curation and developing your signature outfit combos over time.

Your personal style will continue evolving as you gain confidence, experience new adventures and your tastes mature. But with a solid foundation established through this process, expressing your authentic self through fashion becomes second nature.

What Is Fashion Merchandising?

Fashion merchandising refers to the activities involved in the retail and wholesale side of the fashion industry.

Merchandisers are responsible for forecasting trends, selecting products, negotiating with suppliers and manufacturers, developing pricing strategies, ensuring inventory is properly displayed and much more. Specifically, key responsibilities include.

  1. Trend Forecasting: Attending global fashion weeks, trade shows and scouring various media sources to identify upcoming macro trends 1-2 years in advance.
  2. Product Development: Working with designers, sourcing managers and factories abroad to develop private label collections aligned with predicted trends and the retailer’s brand image.
  3. Assortment Planning: Carefully curating a balanced assortment of products across categories like women’s/men’s apparel, accessories, home goods, etc. considering customer demographics, budget and store requirements.
  4. Purchasing: Negotiating deals with suppliers, placing bulk production orders, tracking shipment timelines and ensuring on-time delivery of manufactured goods.
  5. Pricing Strategies: Determining retail pricing tiers based on cost per unit, target profit margins, competitive set and perceived customer value of different brands/product types.
  6. Inventory Management: Monitoring inventory levels both at warehouses and retail locations using replenishment systems to avoid stockouts or overstock.
  7. Visual Merchandising: Styling mannequins, curating floor sets and developing creative displays both in-store and online to highlight merchandise and appeal to shoppers.
  8. Data Analytics: Evaluating sales reports, conversion metrics, focus group feedback and other store/ecommerce data to improve future assortment strategies and marketing tactics.

Fashion merchandising requires both broad industry knowledge and analytical decision making skills to profitably connect products with customers. It’s a stimulating field for the design savvy, numerically capable and trend obsessed.


How do I find my fashion style?

Pay attention to what makes you feel confident and experiment with different looks in your closet to see what you love. You can also look to family, friends or celebrities for inspiration.

How can I describe my fashion style?

Think of 1-3 adjectives like “casual chic” or “retro glam” that capture your vibe. You can also share colors, silhouettes and brands you typically wear.

How to find your style aesthetic?

Browse sources you like for inspiration like Instagram, Pinterest or magazines. Note common elements across what attracts you to get a sense of your innate aesthetic values.

Which clothes look best on me?

Take photos of yourself in different outfits and have trusted friends/family give honest feedback on what suits your figure and vibe most authentically.

How can I look unique?

Focus on personalized details like heirloom jewelry, vintage tees or one of a kind accessories to put your own spin on classic styles. Expressing your authentic self will shine through.

Why can’t I find a style?

It takes time and play to hone your personal aesthetic. Be patient, keep an open mind and focus on what makes you feel confident rather than imitating others. Your signature style is within you’ve just got to discover it.


Developing your signature style is a journey that takes self-reflection as well as a playful willingness to experiment. Don’t be afraid to take fashion risks and step outside of your comfort zone. This is how you’ll truly discover what you love. Revisiting the definition of your personal style from time to time also allows it to naturally evolve as your tastes and lifestyle change.

The most important thing is finding clothes that honor who you are while making you feel empowered and happy. By following the eight steps outlined in this post, you now have the tools and knowledge to authentically express your one of a kind fashion personality.

Your defined signature style reflects your inner confidence and individuality. By appreciating and showcasing the unique beauty inside of you each day, you’ll glow with a secure radiance that is all your own. You’ve got this now, go out there and flaunt your true, stylish self.

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