My School Life Pretending To Be A Worthless Person

This is a popular manhwa series that has been fan translated to English. The manhwa follows the story of a young man named Kim Dokja who attends a special military school that ranks students based on their “Edeya rank system”.

In the manhwa’s world, every human possesses an “essence of human soul” that is ranked from F to S, with S being the most powerful. Kim Dokja, however, is ranked as an “F-rank soul” the lowest possible rank.

Throughout the manhwa’s prologue and early chapters, Kim Dokja pretends to be a “worthless person” with an extremely weak combat power and soul rank. However, his true abilities remain a secret. As the series progresses, more is revealed about Kim Dokja’s mysterious past and his plans to prove the flaws in mankind’s obsession with the Edeya rankings.

Military Program and Edeya Ranking System

In the manhwa’s world, after reaching a certain age all humans must enroll in a special military program to develop and strengthen their “essence of human soul”. The program evaluates each student’s combat abilities and ranks them on the “Edeya scale” from F to S.

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The Edeya ranking system places immense societal focus and value on a person’s established rank. Those with higher ranks such as S or A are seen as intrinsically more worthy and given privileges/respect. On the other hand, those ranked in the low levels especially F-rank are treated with contempt and thought of as nearly worthless.

Within the military program’s school setting, the ranking system becomes the foremost way that students and teachers define a person’s social standing and potential. Kim Dokja’s documented F-rank soul standing has relegated him to the lowest possible position from the beginning.

Kim Dokja the Worthless F-Rank

In reality, Kim Dokja harbors immense untapped abilities and a secret plan. However, to draw less attention and scrutiny, he deliberately chooses to portray himself as a useless student with an “F-rank combat power” and soul.

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He intentionally performs poorly in his military program classes and battles. During spars or battles, he shows almost child-like weakness easily overwhelmed. Fellow students and even teachers write him off as little threat due toy his apparent lack of power and poor skill.

Despite his inner strength, Kim Dokja accepts the denigrating label of a “worthless F-rank” with no potential. He remains focused on proving something deeper about mankind and the flaws of the Edeya ranking system that judges all based on a single metric.

Early Chapters and Deception

In the early chapters, readers are given glimpse of Kims Dokja’s deceptive nature through his interactions. He plays the part of an oblivious fool without drive or skill. Whenever graded or assessed, he purposely fails tests or allows others to defeat him with minimal effort.

During one class sparring match in chapter 3, Kim Dokja stands frozen without defending against even the weakest of attacks. He feigns terror and exhaustion after the first blow lands. Scorn flows from classmates who think they’ve seen his true worthless ability.

This sets a precedent where Kim Dokja faces constant mockery and is an almost comical figure to those unaware. Only later do clues emerge this weak student possesses a deeper secret and alternative motivations beneath the surface.

True Strengths and Plans

True Strengths Plans-fllpersonality

As the manhwa progresses into the double digits of chapters, hints are dropped that reveal Kim Dokja may not be so helpless. Small glimpses of his hidden power, extensive knowledge, and complex plans start to emerge despite his efforts to remain underestimated.

For example in chapter 13, during a dangerous situation Kim Dokja is able to easily defeat multiple high-ranking enemies without breaking a sweat. This raises suspicions about the immense gap between his shown and real abilities.

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Then in chapter 27, major revelations are made. It’s divulged that Kim Dokja in fact graduated at the top of his previous iteration of the military program. He also enters a secret demiplane dimension to display skills beyond the human realm.

All this foreshadows Kim Dokja’s true aim is not weakness but to prove flaws in mankind’s perception and how the Edeya rankings alone do not determine a person or soul’s worth. He seeks to show strength comes in forms beyond what can be materially measured.

Chapter Summaries
Chapter 1 Prologue: Introduces Kim Dokja as an F-rank student who is looked down on. He goes through the motions of a typical weak day.
Chapter 3: During a sparring class, Kim Dokja pretends to be easily defeated adding to his reputation as worthless.
Chapter 13: In a dangerous situation, Kim Dokja displays hidden power raising suspicions of his real potential.
Chapter 27: Major revelations are made of Kim Dokja’s past strength and entrance into a secret advanced world.

Fan Translations and Popularity

Due to its intriguing plotlines and themes, this has gained a large global fanbase even without an official English release. Dedicated fan translators have been working hard to publish high-quality chapter-by-chapter translations online.

Sites like Manhuaus and Demonic Translations have aggregated various fan translation projects to make the manhwa easily accessible to international audiences. Readers can now freely enjoy the latest chapters often just days after the Korean raws are published.

The manhwa has drawn readers in with its mysteries surrounding Kim Dokja’s multilayered character. They want to see how his secretplans unfold against a school system obsessed with superficial rankings alone.

Discussion forums are abuzz with theories on revealed and foreshadowed plotlines. Many praise its challenging of perceiving people based on narrow standards. This has helped cement this status as a top manhwa worldwide.

Side Character Analysis: Yoo Jonghyuk

Yoo Joonghyuk-fullpersonality

While Kim Dokja steals the spotlight, other developed characters enhance the story as well. One noteworthy side character is Yoo Jonghyuk, an S-rank soul viewed as a military program genius.

On the surface, Jonghyuk adheres to the Edeya system holding those with high ranks in esteem and low ranks in contempt. However, his frequent interactions with Kim Dokja hint there is more complexity below.

Jonghyuk is one of the few to see past Kim Dokja’s guise, realizing his potential exceeds expectations. An insightful commentary he makes is “A person’s fate is not determined at birth.” This open-mindedness separates him from others who only judge by rankings.

An budding rivalry/partnership forms as Jonghyuk becomes increasingly fascinated and threatened by Kim Dokja’s unconventionality. Their balancing acts of one-upmanship and begrudging respect add fun dynamic tensions to each scene.

While still finding his place, Jonghyuk displays a willingness to challenge preconceptions given the chance. Kim Dokja’s influence may eventually cultivate an open mind willing to reshape the very system Jonghyuk was brought up to revere. This evolution could make for great storytelling.

Overall, side characters like Jonghyuk add fulfilling layers moving the plot in new meaningful directions beyond just being reacting pieces to Kim Dokja. Their developing nuances elevate an already rich narrative.


What is manhwa about?

It follows Kim Dokja posing as a weak student to challenge how society judges worth.

Where does it take place?

In a special military school that ranks students based on their soul strength.

How often are chapters?

New chapters come out weekly on Naver, scanlation groups translate within days.

Is there an official English version?

Not yet, fans rely on scanlations while hoping for an official release.

What is Kim Dokja’s real rank?

Unknown so far, he pretends to be F-rank but has shown strength exceeding humans.

Why is he pretending to be weak?

To challenge how mankind over-focuses on rankings without seeing full truths.

Who is the main character?

Kim Dokja, a mysterious student posing as a weak F-rank soul to carry out his plans.

What is the Edeya system?

The school’s soul ranking method that Kim Dokja aims to critique flaws within.


This explores profound themes of deception and society’s misplaced values through an enthralling school setting. So far in its early to mid chapters, Kim Dokja’s charade as a weak F-rank soul and unfolding revelations have captivated global fans.

Readers eagerly anticipate discovering more of what powers, philosophies and ultimately motivation lie beneath his false worthless guise. As the manhwa progresses, it will be intriguing to see if and how Kim Dokja’s plans challenge human obsession over superficial metrics alone in judging worth. The manhwa excels at blending compelling characters and mysteries with thought provoking societal critiques.

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